Commodities market globally taking newer heights year on year, on the back of improved participation from worldwide trading community. The liquidity is playing out a pivotal role and causing lot of volatility and that’s precisely the ‘Traders enchantment’. Now here are two dramatic years when global markets witness shakeout in the immediate memory. After a massacre year of 2008, there is new challenges of global growth slowdown after a mkt cycle of nearly 10 years and now fluctuating Global Crude price from $40 in 2014 to $85 in 2018, make the case of Emerging markets dismal.
Precious metals esp Gold is seen a safe haven BUY in whole of CY 2018 where it recovered from $1150 to nearly $1300 and now the Silver is gaining consisting grounds from $14 to $16 now. Base metals showing a massive carnage during whole of the 2018 after US CHINA entered into ugly trade war and that hurt the Chinese economy in particular and that really took away the sheen from the base metals in general.


Indian equity markets are one of few global markets which are showing sustainable improvement on efficiency hypothesis curve. Since our markets are highly sensitive to liquidity and that precisely dependent on FIIs. FIIs investments always volatile in sync with global business environment. However this dependency should reduce over next few years. The Indian economy has shown a consistent trends of GDP growth over the past 2 decades and now this is one of the fastest growing Asian economy surpassing China. probably india amongst the few nations attracting lot on ‘long only funds’, into Indian equity markets where global funds are parking there monies for 10-20-30 yrs. with the demographic picture of young population in favour, the prospects of Indian equity markets looks immensely positive in the long term and great fortune can be made by individual by investing and trading into it.  

I had earlier published a technical report on “Sensex: Journey to 1lac”, where we guide for making true fortunes in cutting edge LT investment ideas.


Indian currency markets seen turnover in access of 100 billion of rupee each day. This turnover is rising at a pace of 20% p.a. and majority of trades come in INR USD terms (nearly 70-80% trades). The growing need for currency hedging is felt by leading exporters (like IT companies,capital goods, Diamond exporters ) while Importer (including raw material procuring companies in metal,agri sector etc.)

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